Custom Closet Services

Custom Closet Services, Albany, NY Eye On Closets is an award-winning custom closet design and installation provider in Albany, NY. Creativity and efficiency are at the heart of our design solutions. With over 20 years of industry experience, we always focus on innovating and creating designs around our clients’ needs and lifestyles. Explore the different services that we provide.

Custom Closets

We design and build custom closets that bring more organization to your space, eliminating clutter and stress. We understand that each client has distinct space requirements, set of belongings, and expectations. Each project is designed around the client and their needs, addressing both functional and aesthetic goals. Your custom closet will create a more efficient space and speak closer to your unique style.

Our designers focus on making the most of your available space. A custom closet optimizes the existing space. We will create space-saving storage systems for greater efficiency by designing custom racks. From the finish to the design, we will discuss all the features with you before beginning the process. Custom features and accessories will bring a greater level of organization to your space. We design custom closets in all the different designs including walk-in, reach-in, kids closet, wardrobe closets, linen closets, and more. Read More About Custom Closets »

Closet Redesigns

An outdated closet can always benefit from a professional redesign. A closet redesign by us always means more storage space and enhances the elegance. We can add all sorts of custom features including shelves, drawers, hooks, rods, and sliding racks to create more storage space. We may also tear out the existing closet and replace it with custom-designed cabinets or wardrobes.

Besides addressing your functional needs, our designers can enhance the beauty of the space and create a sense of greater space. Whether you need to redesign your closet systems, garage, home office, hobby room, basement, or laundry room, we can take care of all the spaces. Our certified and experienced designers will discuss your functional and aesthetic requirements before beginning the project. We have the experience in transforming your vision and ideas into reality. Custom-made cabinetry, hanging space, drawers, creating partition walls, and closet accessories are just a few of the features that we can use to make a difference. Read More About Closet Redesign »

Closet Design Work

Your space constraints, design preferences, and functional requirements are not much of a concern for us when it comes to a new closet design work. We specialize in designing and constructing closets that make efficient use of the available space while meeting your unique lifestyle needs. Our design prowess spans all types of closet styles. We employ the use of all types of features, accessories, drawer-door styles, decorative hardware, and finishes to give a custom touch to your new lifestyle storage space.

We use a combination of modern machinery and traditional handcrafting in designing and constructing your new closets. Our closet design work delivers precision in design and construction, attention to detail, and longevity. Our smart designs will address your unique needs long after we have finished your project, delivering value over the lifespan. We provide free initial consultation, professional design and installation, and the use of top-grade materials, and production techniques. Read More About Closet Design Work »

We have reintroduced the concept of creativity in closet design in the market. If you do not want to settle for the ordinary, feel free to contact Eye On Closets at 518-878-2799. We provide our services throughout Albany, NY, and the nearby cities. You may also write to us using this Online Form.