Closet Redesigns

Closet Redesigns, Albany, NY Your home could always use more storage space. When it comes to closets, everyone has hard-to-reach areas. Making them more useful can make things much simpler. Custom drawers, shelves, and hanging options such as hooks, rods, and sliding racks can make all the difference. Some projects may require tearing out your existing closet and replacing it with custom-designed cabinets or wardrobes. This can not only enhance the functional benefits, but it may even add to your room’s aesthetics and make it seem larger. At Eye On Closets, we specialize in closet redesigns in all types of properties, whether you have an apartment or a house.

Our Closet Redesign Services

We provide closet redesign services throughout Albany, NY. Our areas of expertise include custom built-in closet design, basic closet systems, home offices, basements, pantries, garages, hobby rooms, laundry rooms, and kitchens.

The key features of our redesign services are as follows:

  • We Listen: Our experienced and qualified designers will work with you to understand your requirements and design preferences. We will gather all the key information before beginning the design process. It may be a garage reorganization, reach-in, or an elaborate dressing room. We treat each project with the same attention and thrill.
  • Designing: Our designers will create a design solution based on your needs and budget. We will develop detailed renderings of the redesign to help you visualize the new proposed space.
  • Installation: We use state-of-the-art technology to manufacture products that are both beautiful and durable. Our master craftsmen will install your closet to an extremely high precision level.

Closet Redesign Factors

We will help consider all the key factors and concerns while also addressing your needs during the process. Some of these considerations are as follows:

Space for a Dressing Room

If space and budget allow, we can consider redesigning the space to include a large walk-in closet or dressing room. If you already have a dressing room, we can share ideas on how to improve it. A redesign project can also include adding a dressing room space into a large master bedroom by creating a partition wall.

Our custom-made cabinetry can transform the space with style and beauty. We can create comfortable and easy-to-access walk-in closets that offer all the privacy you will need.

Hanging & Drawer Space

We recommend you give a thought to your current wardrobe and the style of storage you prefer.

  • If you prefer keeping most of your clothing folded, we can create more drawer space and shelving.
  • If you like to hang most of your clothing, we can add additional hanging bars and a pant rack.

Closet Accessories

Our designers will also discuss the accessories you would like to include in your closet redesign project. Besides, the standard organization helps such as drawer dividers, watch winders, felt storage boxes, and jewelry drawers, you can also choose the following accessories:

  • 4-position hangers and retractable valet rods for additional hanging space
  • Low-profile sliding scarf, belt, and tie racks
  • Pullout laundry hampers
  • Decorative hardware featuring many hooks, knobs, and pulls to choose from
  • Pullouts for purses and shoes
  • A pullout ironing board

With our closet redesign projects, we can also provide a certain level of storage configuration flexibility. Whatever your personalized redesign goals, we can integrate them into the overall scheme. If you want to discuss your closet redesign needs and preferences with us, feel free to contact Eye On Closets at 315-729-0119. We service the entire Albany, NY, and the surrounding areas.